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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birthday Tribute

Today's my guy's birthday - and I have been sooooo lax.  OK, I did vacuum up after his horse.  Yes, you read that right.  Ranger's present to Bill was coming in to 'the party' ... as into the Lodge.  Of course, being a horse, he got his dates a little wrong; the party is tomorrow, but Ranger still earned a horse cookie, and he knew exactly where to find them.  As soon as he went back out the door, he tipped over the cookie bucket.  That's when I noticed cute little muddy horse tracks on the carpet, so being the nice wife, I did vacuum them up.  After putting Ranger back in his own pen, Bill comments that the only reason he didn't take Ranger up to the bar was he didn't want to scratch the wood floor if there were rocks in his feet.  HUH?

Happy Birthday, Dear.  Love you lots...even if you do make your horse do crazy stuff!


  1. I'm bringing party hats! Ranger's got to wear one to the party tomorrow.

  2. I am still completely cracking up over this.

    Wild horses couldn't drag my mare into the house. Yeah, I'm punny.

    Love how calm he is about it - like it's just a normal day with his human.

    Happiest Birthday Beel... sure wish we could come to your party!

  3. Lol, you guys!!! Happy Birthday Beel :) (I just love spelling it like that, lol) Hope you had the best one ever!

  4. I used to sneak my pony into the house when the folks weren't home, he'd go anywhere, up stairs, downstairs it didn't matter. I never got caught though, at least they never mentioned anything...hmmm.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday Beel!
    You guys have such a beautiful place!

    Pour Ranger a beer for me.

  5. Wish we could be there for the party (and take quick peak at the golden aspens) (and say hi to Ranger and the others).
    But the plane for Denver already left for today!
    --The Paris couple

  6. I needed a smile today - and ya'll delivered! As always!
    Happy Birthday Bill ~ Love the camera work Juanita ~ Good job Ranger!
    You guys are FABULOUS!

  7. Oh Beel. Next time, clean Ranger's feet, cause he REALLY wants to go to the bar with you ;)

    He just wants to come in for the cake and ice cream- and who can blame him! He's a smart pony!!


  8. Haha, what a great birthday present! Happy birthday Beel!

  9. Sheesh first Juanita showing up my quad and now Beel & Ranger!!!!!

    Got to say though IF I could get it into the house the exhaust wouldn't leave a stain...:o)

    just saying!!!! (grin)

  10. Impressive!
    Happy belated B-Day!!

    I never let my horse in the house since he'd probably reset the TIVO and erase all my horse training programs.


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