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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Off Day

I started getting "twitchy" here in the lodge this morning.  We had no guests, and it's not that I needed an escape from the cabin fever.  It's a HUGE cabin.  But still, we were almost out of toothpaste and Q-Tips.  Hardly enough for the rest of the month.

Juanita and I went down the mountain to Fort Collins and had lunch with the oldest daughter (GunDiva), and ran a few errands (tooth paste and Q-Tips).

Driving back up the mountain, I shifted the cell phone in my pocket, and heard a crinkling sound.  Aha!  One of the receipts from the day was in my shirt pocket with my phone.  I hurriedly gave it to the book-keeper before I lost it.  You should never anger the book-keeper by losing a receipt (it's even more important when you are MARRIED to your book-keeper).

"That reminds me of a story I heard once."  I told Juanita.

"There was a poor, almost destitute cowboy once, that couldn't afford a real set of chaps, or a vest.  So he made himself a set out of paper.  When he got to town, the sheriff arrested him and threw him in  jail."

"The charge was, of course...

Rustling. "

Did you know I can hear her eyes "click" when she rolls them?



  1. I showed this to TC....He thought it was hilarious!

  2. Can you hear my eyes click from down here? How 'bout the groan? 'Cause you got both.


    (No worries about the ladies... we'll call it "clicker" training ;)


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