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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

She Didn't Think She Was Broken...

 We have a couple of cats that live in our bedroom at the lodge.  Too many people have allergies to let them be free range, so they live with us only.  It's a large bedroom, with lots of windows, so they are happy for the most part.  Except that the kitten had reached kitty puberty.

Yesterday, Juanita and I took the kitten, "Pounce De Lion", to be spayed at a clinic, the Fort Collins Cat Rescue.  They are running a "Beat The Heat" special in February.  Spaying for $20, +$14 for a rabies shot.  So for $34.00, she was out the door.

We got her home last night and there was a replay of day one for our older cat.  Every time Pounce would get near the older cat, the cat would smell the new odors (probably disinfectants or whatever you clean a surgical site with) on the kitten, and the older cat would HISS UP A STORM!

I finally got fed up and painted some "Vicks VapoRub" on the older cat's nose and she couldn't smell ANYTHING else after that.

We all got a good night's sleep after that, and we are planning a nice, long, quiet, future with the little critter now that she is fixed.

Here's to hoping,



  1. OMG> you think of the darndest things. Just FYI...I used that when we went into dead body scenes once as a rookie. Duh. It makes the dead body smell in your nose last for days and it didn't work. Maybe you just pissed the cat off into sleep...or a very long pout. Anyvapor, good imagination. LMAO

    1. I suspect a dead body is an order of magnitude or 2 worse than antiseptic...


  2. I have fielded a call or two asking how Pounce is doing. It's about four days after the surgery now, and she is doing fine, except for doing a little more sitting, staring into the distance with a kitten frown on her face. I think she is trying to figure out what the heck happened.


  3. Aww, poor baby! Kitten frowns are no good!


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