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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Five Hundred

 Juanita started this blog with our oldest daughter, "GunDiva" On the 9th of November, back in '08.

A recipe, I think.

After a month and a half or so, she started giving me a hard time about not posting anything.  So I did.  "Hunt Camp"

 My skill as a bard even amazes ME.

Five hundred posts.

Juanita and I thought a giveaway is in order to celebrate.  We are each picking out five of our favorite blogs; right, out of 499.  We then thought we would let you decide which of those (or any others) you liked best.  We will then choose, at random, three of you who leave us a comment - and send you an Allenspark Lodge B&B t-shirt.

Some of the posts Juanita likes best...

I thought this would be quick and easy!  Ha!  It has been really, really hard.    I found myself mostly picking blogs that brought back fun memories in our horse life - or traumatic moments.
1)  Cattle Drive (12/2/08)  Something that had always been a dream of mine.
2)  Hay-L's Bales  One of those many, many lessons learning to live with horses.
3)  Back in the Saddle Again  This one is particularly poignant for me.  Six weeks after my 2nd hip replacement (with the 1st one just six weeks prior to that), I was back on my horse!  I also adopted the name Bionic Cowgirl.
4)  1st Annual High Country Rendezvous Our very own first gathering of bloggers to enjoy riding the high country together!
5)  Worst. Picnic. Ever.   The day I truly earned my new name.

Some of the posts "GunDiva" likes best...

1)  Anthropomorphism  Love the horse boarding :)
2)  Touch  One of my faves about clicker training.  It's a shame it didn't get more views (only 20).
3)  Joust No Darn Fun   This was pre-Bill's Fine Art, but since I had a front row seat for the action I don't need any pictures.  However, it might be time for Bill to illustrate this particular story.
4)  Guess Who's Graduating?  How often do you get to see your Mom graduate from college?
5)  We Play Touch  Ranger's so damn expressive
Bonus)  Can't-tering  (because I hadn't chosen one with my girl in it)
Some of the posts Bill likes best...

I like most of my posts because, well, I crack myself up.

1) Rodeo 101  Shows my fine appreciation for the good things in life.
2) It Worth It   Shows my fine appreciation for the good things in life.
3) Why Ride    Shows my fine appreciation for the good things in life.
4) Vacation, A point of view 'Cause I'm glad I survived.
5) Foot  Shows my skill as a farrier

Comment on YOUR favorite (these or any others), and we will choose 3 comments at random.
Enter as often as you want, but I'm only gunna write your name on a slip one time 'cause I'm lazy that way.
Last day for entries-Monday, February 25th, 2013.


  1. That cattle drive day sure was a fun one!

  2. Im sorry ladies, but anything written by "beel" makes me laugh. out loud. guffawish even.

    and the handdrawn pictures bring on the tears with the laughter. too much; cant stand it; gotta go to the bathroom now laughter..

    Being with mr. foresterman 24/7 most of the time (isnt that what 24/7 means though?)I have found that Bills concept of what living with females, horses and clients is like generally rings true with how he sees it too...we both guffaw...and can sympathize...

  3. I love this post because I haven't been a follower for more than a few months, so I loved reading a brief overview of the highlights! I think the cantering bareback is my favorite. As is vacation, a point of view! It made me laugh out loud!

  4. Foot and Touch are my faves of the selections available.

  5. "I DID IT! Back in the Saddle Again" hits home for me. My mom has had to have 4 hip replacements (one broke...long story) and I've seen how hard she worked to get back mobile again.

  6. Well shoot, I have to go to work right now and I don't have time to read your favs, but I can't wait. If I can say briefly, I really love all of your posts and look forward to them each and every time. I will read these and I will vote, just can't right now. The drawings always make me giggle, they are so good, and of course the photos. Some day, I do want to come and visit your lovely lodge. It is definitely on my list.

  7. Love all of beel's "artwork", but the last drawing in "Vacation, A point of view" slays me... genius.

    Congratulations on your milestone - here's to 500 more!

  8. Oh my gosh, the first one that comes to my mind is Vacation, a point of view. I laughed so hard I cried! I also liked Joust, Foot and the Touch ones. This one made me laugh too because I love to take pictures, and I end up in the most bizarre predicaments:
    Then of course Can't-tering was great.
    You all are just too good...can't pick just three! :-)

    Karen and Tripp the mustang who thinks Vacation, a point of view was told accurately by Ranger.

  9. Oh my gosh, the first one that came to mind was Vacation, a point of view. I laughed so hard I cried! I also love Foot and the Touch entries. Another one of my favorites was I can so relate to the first drawing. I love taking pictures and have ended up in some bizarre predicaments. Ha!
    Thank you for your blog! We love it!

    Karen and Tripp the mustang who votes for Vacation, a point of view. Tripp believes Ranger's description of events is quite accurate. :-)

  10. Ok. I couldn't decide. Goodness gracious. Many of those brought back smiles as I remembered them. I don't suppose you have any of those blue tarpie things with ventilation holes? LOL. I liked WE PLAY TOUCH as the weener!

  11. Congrats on your 500! Super dooper!

  12. Love them all, but anything with Ranger and Beel is priceless. I'm trying to decide between Vacation, which was epic, and the Remote guy, short but priceless! And Mary, we only have had the chance to stay one long weekend, but would love to go back! Wouldn't stay anywhere else! Keep on bloggin', Beel and Bionic! Paris Jane

  13. Okay... so I commented on like 84% of those... even if I had already left a comment earlier. Because I cracked up reading them all over again :)

    Happy 500 posts!!!

  14. GAH... and I hit enter before finishing my comment. Of course I LOVE the HCR #1 post, because it was such an amazing weekend of memories of finally getting to meet some of my favoritest people!

    But... the Rodeo 101 has some of my favorite artwork... :)

  15. Your blog has had a lot of transformations over the years and I've always enjoyed the stories and sense of humor! Keep it up.

  16. Well, I hate to say it, but I like "Worst.Picnic.Ever." because unfortunately I was there. Involved. Thank the Lord that Juanita bounced back like she always does! So sorry for my mare's "involvement"!
    Patti V

  17. Dogged! Missed getting the t-shirt! Maybe an "honorary" one for being a Colorado girl at heart? Love you blog, love all the posts, but enjoy most the ones of you, horses & trail!

  18. Hello?? Just like the Mom I am, I worry when I don't hear from you...

  19. Unngg! I missed it!

    My favorite post is "Why Ride" hehe!



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