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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The 3rd 4th

What If You Gave a Parade and Nobody Came?

Today is July third. The 3rd of July. This morning we found out that this years 4th of July parade in our little town of Allenspark was this morning. On the 3rd of July. Just a quick scan of the spectators on my part found attendance was about 20% of last years 4th of July parade that was held on the 4th of July. We hear the folks that set up the parade didn't want it interfering with the late morning church services. So rather than moving services out an hour, they moved the holiday up a day.  Hmmm...

I can't wait to see what happens at Christmas this year. Maybe we can do it on New Years.

Our internet provider is down(thanks Qwest), I'll post pictures when I'm not on dial-up.


  1. Guess who has four shiny hooves and is pissed as all get out because she missed it?

    Yeah, this girl's horse, that's who!

    Okay and maybe I'm more than a little irritated.

  2. That is just wrong on so many levels...

  3. Thanks for letting us know this! I was just looking online for info on when the Allenspark parade was tomorrow and couldn't find anything - and now I know it was today! That's so sad.

  4. Personally I think God would rather enjoy a parade.


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