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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thunder and Lightning

Went for a couple hour trail ride today with a couple friends.  We took Ranger and the two "grays" out.  The weather was looking kind of "iffy" so we took rain gear.  Actually, we always take rain gear as the weather is ALWAYS iffy.
  We were out about 30 minutes when the rain started.  And boy did it rain.  I love riding in the rain with a good slicker and a broad brimmed hat.  So quiet and no dust. Okay, maybe not so quiet today.  We kept to the lower trails as we were hearing some thunder nearby.  While walking along the creek bank, FLASH and BOOM!  Lightning struck the hill top about 100 yards south of us.  Three horses and three riders jumped three feet straight up. We all came down okay- but looked around kind of bug-eyed for a moment, then sheepishly went on our way.  We rode out the next hour or so and then went back to the lodge to change our pants. Umm, wet with rain,you know.



  1. HHHHhmmmmmm!!! what's that smell????LOL

  2. Yeah. Huh. Rain usually has a sweeter smell...


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